Successful Together - The Journey To Masterful Obedience
Successful Together - The Journey To Masterful Obedience

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Successful Together - The Journey To Masterful Obedience

  • Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl
  • Step by step instructions for IGP obedience
  • From puppy to trial prep
  • Hardcover 4th Revised Edition
  • Detailed pictures and graphics
  • Opened books cannot be returned

Successful Together - The Journey To Masterful Obedience 4th Revised Edition is written by Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl. Mr. Scherk and Dr, Knabl are highly respected trainers and handlers with a lifetime of experience between them. Cumulatively they have won 3 Individual World Championships, 12 Team World Championships and have participated at 14 World Championships. 

For many years the authors have traveled around the World giving seminars and passing on their wealth of knowledge to all levels of handlers. Their combined contributions to dogsport are already immeasurable and yet the continue to revise their methods regularly. This 4th edition is the most detailed offering to date and is complete with a variety of graphics and pictures to illustrate the text.

Text From Back Cover

More than 25 years experience in IGP – dog sports. More than 25 years of raising criteria in design/performance and further development of the IGP dog sport. More than 25 years on winner‘s rostrums/the podiums all over the world. Worldwide no other dog sport club has ever collected more titles. This is what our name represents: Heuwinkl.

South of the Lake Starnberg in the upper bavarian municipality of Iffeldorf we work out new training methods and bring them to perfection. Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl are pioneers and members/initiators of the Heuwinkl-group. Behind these successful men is an exceptionally wise woman: Connie Scherk, who adds heart and warmth to the precision and passion.

In their book Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl impart a detailed build-up of all IGP obedience exercises. They show us the path from a puppy to the final result, through descriptions and pictures with step by step instructions focusing on the keys needed for success: fun and excitement, motivation and fairness, diligence and patience, precision, planning and control.

If you have no interest in dog sports, and only want to work on a reliable SIT or a fast DOWN, you will equally benefit from the authors‘ experience. You will learn how you and your dog can be harmony and be successful together. The reward is not a championship title, but a steadfast connection between dog and human, enjoying the work together. Through this, you will develop a mutual trust and pride in your joint success step by step.