Product Care Information

Biothane® cleaning and care instructions

Biothane® is a highly durable material and will hold up well over time. If your Biothane® all weather product becomes dirty, clean with a gentle soap and warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals on Biothane® products.

Leather cleaning and care instructions

Leather is a natural product and will mold if left damp. If your leather product gets wet, hang indoors in a warm enviroment until dried. Do not place directly near heat source.

Leather products should be clean and conditioned with a specialty leather product or with saddle soap. A well conditioned and cared for leather leash will last a lifetime.

Sherpa beds cleaning and care instructions

Redline K-9 crate mats and beds are made from our high quality Sherpa. To clean, machine wash with a gentle soap in warm water. Hang to dry from attached fabric loops.


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