Shaggy Puppy Tug Toy
Shaggy Puppy Tug Toy

Redline K-9

Shaggy Puppy Tug Toy

  • Toy color may vary
  • Dimensions: 9" x 4" x 2"
  • For puppies 6 months and younger
  • Nylon encased bungee handle
  • Meant for interactive play only

Recommended for most puppies 6 months and under. This toy is excellent for stimulating prey and building drive in puppies. The Shaggy Puppy Tug Toy is perfect for teaching striking, gripping and tugging. The bungee is housed inside a soft nylon handle and absorbs some of the pull on your arm. It's fun and great exercise.

Tug Toys are meant for interactive tugging between you and your dog only. We strongly recommend that you do not allow your dog to keep the toy after interaction has fin