Dominant Dog Collar Sizing Guide

Neck Measurement

Dominant dog collars come in 1 inch increments and must be sized specifically for your dog's neck.  To measure your dog for a dominant dog collar, use a string or cloth tape to measure around the dog's neck.  Measure just under the jaw and around the head right behind the ears.  There should be no space between the dog's neck and the tape measure. .

If your dog's measurement falls between two sizes, round down to the next smaller size.  Do not add any extra length to the measurement for slack.  If a collar is too big it will not be as effective for training.  A properly fit collar will remain in place behind the ears and not slide down the neck.

Collar Length Measurement

Dominant dog collars are measured from the tip of the brass clasp where it opens to the far edge of the floating brass o-ring. The correct o-ring moves freely on the collar. 

Collars may shrink slighty after sewing and should be pulled gently from either end to expand them to their full length before measuring.