Extreme Bungee Line

Redline K-9

Extreme Bungee Line

  • Nylon encased 5/8" shock cord
  • Finished with 2" nylon webbing
  • 1" Solid brass bolt-snap
  • Includes carabiner
  • Double shock cord

Our Extreme Bungee Line in a perfect way to build drive while cushioning impact for your dog during harness or collar work. Made with a double shock cord core, this line will hold up to large dogs and develop unparalleled strength. Available in multiple lengths to suit all styles of line work.

Redline K-9 Extreme Bungee Lines start out with two strands of 5/8" shock cord encased in a 2" Nylon sheath. Fitted with a heavy duty solid brass 1" bolt-snap on one end and a sewn loop on the other for the included carabiner. Excess nylon webbing is bunched up around the center shock cord and sewn securely on both ends.  This limits the amount of stretch on the inner shock cord reducing strain on the system and producing a reliably finite amount of stretch.

As a general rule of thumb,  bungee lines will stretch to be approximately 50% of it's dormant length.  For example a 10' Bungee Line will stretch to a maximum of roughly 15'.

Widely recognized as one of the best ways to build drive and power in your dog's strike and grip, this Extreme Bungee Line is a favorite with sport and department trainers alike.  The unique pressure generated by the double shock cord at the heart of the bungee line offers a unique drive building method for dogs during all stages of development. Particularly well suited for large, strong dogs.